About me

fernand Reiter

born. April 1957 at Grevenmacher (Luxemburg)



-          First camera, when I was 13 years old, bough from my pocket money.

-       First reflex camera (Konica T2) with some lenses bough used at 17 years,   a gift from my uncle.

-         3 years later change to Olympus with some lenses and accessories.

-       In the same time start as local photographer for luxemburgish daily paper.

-          First digital DSLR at 2005;  Olympus E410

-          As off 2010 Canon 5D MarkII.


My favorite  motivs:

-           People and animal portraits

-           Nature / Landscapes

-           Macrophotography

-           Stil-life

-           Productphotography

-           Architecture

-           Automobiles

-           Artphotography


Photography is fascinating


Photography is fun


Photography is creation


Photography is digital-art


Photography is documentation


Photography is happening